August 2012

Books without words

Children use their imaginations to create their own words and story

A book doesn’t have to have words to be beneficial to your child. Even children who know how to read can benefit from a book made up of only pictures. Reading a picture book without words helps children come up with their own stories, increasing their creativity and helping them develop an understanding of basic story structure.

Picture books without words are often ignored by parents, because it requires them to do more work and exhibit more mental effort during story time. However, the beauty of wordless picture books is that parents don’t have to do much work at all. As long as your child can talk, he can read the story to you.

Customized photo books for kids

Flattenme brings imagination to life

There's almost nothing that fascinates children as much as their own image. They adore looking in the mirror and are enthralled by photos of themselves. While self-recognition is an essential part of early development, so is story time. Wouldn't it be great if you could combine the two? One clever mother has done just that, and the result is an ingenious gift for the special child in your life. 


Before she was an innovator and small business owner, Margo Redfern was an observant mother. When her young daughter was captured on film eating a gobstopper –15 photos in 24 minutes, to be precise – the pictures went into a special album. When Margo saw the way her daughter cherished the album (her little girl ate, slept, and traveled with it) flattenme was born.