March 2011

Hannah Montana: Backstage Pass [Hardcover] - $1.63

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Amazon is offering Hannah Montana: Backstage Pass [Hardcover] for only $1.63 with FREE shipping if you spend over $25. 

Hannah Montana's biggest fans will get to go on tour and backstage with her in this deluxe gift book. This behind-the-scenes glimpse of Hannah's life includes ten interactive elements, including a removable backstage pass, a fashion wheel, and a plastic guitar pick. Readers will find out what it's like to “live the life” with this exclusive, all-access look into Hannah’s rockin’ world!


I Will Kiss You

One of our favorite books to read around Valentine’s Day in our house—as well as when we just want to be snuggly and smack kisses all over each other’s foreheads—is Stoo Hample’s (author of The Silly Book) I Will Kiss You (Lots & Lots & Lots!). Though the mama bunny in the book is a bit too traditional “June Cleaver” for my taste in her pearls, heels, and skirt, the love she and her child portray is still a very sweet story that will get kids giggling, and possibly even kissing their stuffed animals!

Titanicat, by Marty Crisp

Last Thursday was my daughter’s last Show Me Book Club meeting for this school year. She won’t have meetings again until the fall, which is too bad, since it was a lot of fun for her. Still, she enjoyed the club, and on the last day, they all voted for their choices for the Show Me Awards. My daughter voted for a book called Titanicat, written by Marty Crisp. While most of the kids voted for different books, this one tied with another for first place (with two votes each!). Then the kids were allowed to choose a book to bring home. My daughter was randomly chosen to select hers first and was able to bring home her new favorite book.