December 2009


Deenie by Judy Blume is just like all her other books; insightful and realistic. And, as is typical of her works, she is able to reach out to younger readers where the kids feel like she does understand their pain. In this way, the topics she covered were ones that kids often wonder about. Deenie stays true to her style of writing; in this case, she talks about an overbearing mother and how her daughters are affected by her expectations. 

Auntie Clause

Auntie Clause by Elise Primavera begins her story in New York where you'll find Christmas year around with the Kringle family. They aren't related to Santa, but they love everything Christmas and celebrate all year around. The Kringle family had two very spoiled children who had everything any child could ever want but it was never enough. The Kringle children were much too spoiled and despite their family loving Christmas, they failed to see what Christmas was really about.

Santa Quits

We all know and love Santa. With his red and white suit, black boots, jolly belly and of course, his pipe, it is an image we have come to love. For as long as anyone can remember, Santa has always had his pipe. In the story, Santa Quits by Raenette Palmer, Santa receives his first Christmas letter of the year that turns his world upside down and because the wish is so unselfish, Santa does everything he can to give Stevie Wilson what he is wishing for.


"Dear Santa,

Storm Cats

Storm Cats by Malachy Doyle is a brand new book on shelves. My daughter who loves everything having to do with animals insisted we get it. This book is a sweet story about strangers coming together and becoming the best of friends.

There are two children who live next door to each other. They have never spoken before or even met. Both the little boy and little girl have a cat. One is black and the other white. Even the cats haven't met each other despite how close they live until one very stormy night.

Green as a Bean

Green as a Bean written by Karla Kuskin is such a sweet and fun story. It challenges the imagination and really gets the kids excited as well as involved in the story with every turn of the page. Originally published back in 1960 under the title Square as a House, Karla Kuskin added on to her short, sweet children’s poem and republished it in 2007.

Why so Sad Brown Rabbit? by Sheridan Cain

Brown Rabbit is sad. He sits off to the side watching all the other younger rabbits hopping and jumping and having lots of fun playing. Brown Rabbit is much too old to be doing those things anymore but he sure does miss it.

Brown Rabbit's little mouse friend suggests that maybe he should find a wife and then full his time teaching his children how to do all those things he misses so much. Brown Rabbit thinks this is a wonderful idea and hops away on his new task. He looks everywhere for a wife but is saddened when he can't find one to suit him. Next thing he knows he has fallen asleep upon some eggs covered by straw and they're beginning to hatch!

'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day

‘Twas the Day Before Zoo Day by Catherine Ipcizade is a fun story all about going to the zoo written in the same poetic form of the famous story, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. All the zoo animals and keepers are working to get the zoo ready for zoo day when all the kids will be there to visit. Each animal has to be bathed and everyone needs to be feed. The zoo keepers work hard to get everything done and while doing so we all get to learn a few facts about the zoo animals featured in the book.

“Soon the kids would arrive; their cameras they’d bring. The monkeys-they practiced to dance and to sing. Kids like to watch monkeys, and everyone knows, that monkeys, like children, hang down from their toes.”