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I Love the Night by Dar Hosta

One of the books that has remained on my children’s bookshelf is I Love the Night by Dar Hosta. Dar came to visit my daughter’s school back in 2009, and even autographed the book with a little message to both of my children. Since the school my daughter attends is for special needs kids only, I thought it was sweet that she was willing to give them her time and attention.

Not only did Dar Hosta write the book, but she also illustrated it as well. In fact, she holds both art and writing workshops for children and adults. The book I Love the Night won the 2004 Teachers’ Choice Award from Learning Magazine. I have yet to find anyone who hasn’t instantly loved the book, perhaps because its illustrations do just as good of a job of telling a story as the words do.

Although children of all ages will appreciate this book, I found that it is really geared toward kids who are learning about animals. The book specifically highlights nocturnal animals, or those that are up throughout the night. Some of the animals children will come across in the book include crickets, owls, fireflies, octopi, tree frogs, Luna moths, whippoorwills, raccoons, garden spiders, bats, dormice, and starfish.

I Love the Night is published by Brown Dog Books and is a total of 32 pages long. All of the user review ratings on are four and five stars, so you know the book is a popular one. If you don’t want to purchase the book, you can always borrow it from your public library.