I Want to be Like You, Lord

I Want to be Like You, Lord

by Betty Steele Everett

I Want to be Like You, Lord is a Bible devotional book for girls. It was written by Betty Steele Everett and belongs to the Young Readers series of books. It is important for girls to understand that life is not always easy. Even more important than that is that the girls know what to do when certain situations arise.

Although this book is a bit on the older side (which just means that you can get it for a penny on sites like Amazon or Abe Books), it is filled with timeless information. I have two daughters, so these are the types of books I seek out.

I believe that parents are responsible to instruct their children, but let’s face it, children don’t always believe what comes out of the mouth of their moms and dads. For some reason they don’t realize that we are wise until they are much older. That is where these devotional books come into play. The book reinforces what I have already told my daughter. She reads it and realizes that what I said was correct.

Some issues that you will find in I Want to be Like You, Lord are how to ask for forgiveness, how to pray, how to complete the chore given to you without comparing it to the chores given to a sibling, the importance of not using foul language, how to trust in God, how to share, how to be content with what you have, how to make friends, and how to show love to others.