Customized photo books for kids

Customized photo books for kids

Flattenme brings imagination to life

There's almost nothing that fascinates children as much as their own image. They adore looking in the mirror and are enthralled by photos of themselves. While self-recognition is an essential part of early development, so is story time. Wouldn't it be great if you could combine the two? One clever mother has done just that, and the result is an ingenious gift for the special child in your life. 


Before she was an innovator and small business owner, Margo Redfern was an observant mother. When her young daughter was captured on film eating a gobstopper –15 photos in 24 minutes, to be precise – the pictures went into a special album. When Margo saw the way her daughter cherished the album (her little girl ate, slept, and traveled with it) flattenme was born.

With just one image of your child, flattenme lets your little one star in his or her very own storybook. Can you imagine your son or daughter’s delight in seeing their face in their very own book? What a way to make long car trips, play time and bedtime extra special. Your child's name and face is featured in the title and throughout the entire story.

Even better? You can choose from a variety of themes to create the perfect match for your child. Little girls will love being the winged wonder in The Fairy Book and the mermaid princess in the story of Glitter Gills, while little boys will adore high-seas adventures in their very own Pirate tale. Your child's face is shown seven times throughout the story, where it's juxtaposed among stunning illustrations and whimsical graphics. What’s more, the stories accompanying the images are outstanding. Children and parents alike will be entertained by the engrossing tales and great writing on each page. Fairy tales really do come true in these books. 

But there’s more than mere fantasy happening here. Let’s not forget the huge amount of learning that that takes place when you read to your child. For an extra educational boost, flattenme features ABC and counting books that are guaranteed to hold your child’s attention while they learn the basics.

And don’t think that your little one is too young for storybooks. There’s no such thing as too little for reading, and flattenme has extra special Baby Board books for ages 0-2 years. The Baby Board’s bright colors and simple rhyming scheme will turn your child into a book-lover in no time.

Are you a bilingual household? Do you have friends abroad? No problem. Flattenme has you covered. The books come in almost every language you can imagine: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Norwegian and Turkish. No wonder moms across the world can’t stop talking about flattenme storybooks.

Perhaps one of the most endearing aspects of flattenme storybooks – besides the fact that they feature the most beautiful child in the world: your own – is that they truly are keepsakes. Your book may endure the nicks and bumps of childhood, from teething marks to accidentally torn pages. Or, you may end up keeping it pristine. But either way, what remains is one truly unique memento: a sweet story, a little moment captured in time and something special to hold on to long after your little one has grown up.

It doesn’t get much better than that.