Christmas Cookies: A Must Have Holiday Cookbook for Kids

Christmas Cookies: A Must Have Holiday Cookbook for Kids

Christmas Cookies! A Holiday Cookbook is written by Susan Devine, and illustrated by Barbara Lehman. My daughter was given this book by a relative who know how much she enjoyed baking. Sometimes it is the least expensive gifts that end up getting used the most, which is true in this case.

So what makes this cookbook for kids different from the rest? Well for starters the recipes are written in an easy-to-read format for younger children. The author also explains why certain steps are necessary, such as letting butter reach room temperature before using it. Children learn that taking that step makes mixing easy later on.

Another aspect that differentiates this cookbook is the coordinating Christmas stories. A recipe is found on the left page of the book, with a Christmas story to match on the right. So on page 12, you will see a recipe for Candy Cane Cookies. Then on page 13, you get a story about how the candy cane shape came from the crooks that the shepherds used.

My daughter’s favorite recipe in the book, and mine to, is Rudolph’s Kisses. These delicious treats are simply cookie dough wrapped around chocolate kisses. Children can die the cookie batter red so that the balls look like Rudolph’s nose.

Some other recipes you can expect to find in Christmas Cookies! A Holiday Cookbook are Jelly Thumbprints, Simply Shortbread, Peppermint Chocolate Bark, Gingerbread People, Stained Glass Christmas Trees, White Chocolate Haystacks, Peanut Butter and Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Santa Claus Cookies.