The Big Book of Pirates

The Big Book of Pirates

The Big Book of Pirates is written by Chuck Tessaro and Illustrated by Anatoly Slepkov. My daughter had a pirate birthday party one year, and to this day I believe it was her favorite party. My sister and her husband dressed up like pirates and led all of the kids on a treasure hunt. The clues were hilarious and even the adults had a good time. Because of that party, someone gave my daughter this book.

What I love about The Big Book of Pirates is that it is full of facts. There are even trivia questions for the kids. Your child won’t be filled with false pirate myths when he is done reading the book. The book covers descriptions of the different types of pirates that existed, as well as some of the most famous pirates.

This book is large so that kids can enjoy the illustrations. It is a total of 56 pages long, and even covers the subject of whether pirates still exist today. I love the maps that are provided in the book, which will help younger children learn a bit about geography. There are even charts on some of the pirate ships with a label for each part of the ship.

Some additional things you can expect your child to learn about pirates in this book are the pirate’s code of conduct, the jobs on the ship, which weapons the pirates used, which countries the pirates came from, what daily life was like for a pirate, and how the pirates planned their attacks.

I found this book to be highly educational, and I would recommend it to both boys and girls that have a fascination with pirates. In fact, the author, Chuck Tessaro, is a fourth grade teacher.