Barney says, “Please and Thank You”

Barney says, “Please and Thank You”

"In this story, Baby Bop organizes a birthday party for her stuffed bear."

Todays kids lack in the department of manners. While Barney may irritate older children, he has the right idea with the book Barney says, “Please and Thank You.I am all for any book that increases my daughter’s moral character, and this book does just that.

The book is published by Scholastic, and is designated for children ages 4 and up, however, I would use it children as young as 1. It can’t hurt to start teaching children who are capable of speaking how to say “Please” and “Thank You.” This particular Barney book was authored by Stephen White.

In this story, Baby Bop organizes a birthday party for her stuffed bear. Barney seizes the opportunity to teach Baby Bop about good manners. He first explains to her what good manners are, and then gives two well known examples. Barney goes on to use the words “Please” and “Thank You” in sentences so that Baby Bop realizes the appropriate time to put the words into action.

Next, Baby Bop gets a chance to use manners by asking Barney for help with the balloons she wants to use for her bear’s party. The story goes on to include several more pages of Barney and Baby Bop exchanging good manners while getting ready for the birthday party. Repetition is key in younger children noticing the pattern the pair are following, so that they too can imitate the good manners.

The story concludes with Barney thanking Baby Bop for inviting him to her birthday party. Baby Bop responds with a  polite “You’re Welcome.”